Mortgages for Teachers Ireland

Mortgages-for-public-sector-and-teachersTeachers Qualify For Higher Mortgages

ICS Mortgages and the Teacher’s Pay Scale

ICS came into the market of homeloans in Ireland a couple of months ago and have disrupted the marketplace with their lending criteria.

Mortgages for Teachers in Ireland

Where they are going to make a big difference is how they view Teachers income and in fact all Civil/ Public Servants income.
All lenders use your income in the first instance to calculate the amount of mortgage lending available to you.

ICS will calculate the lending figure for Teachers or Civil/ Public servants based on 2 points up on your pay scale.

ICS and Public Sector Mortgages

ICS Mortgages is a 150-year-old brand that was originally established to service the needs of the Public Sector. So, they are going back to their roots.
They are offering slightly different lending guidelines for this sector due to the security of their employment and potential future earnings. The basic income for Public Sector employees will be considered to be two points up their current Pay Scale.
With regard to Variable income the following will apply

  • Overtime: Up to 100% of regular overtime earned may be factored into our assessment if the employer confirms it is regular on their salary certificate
  • Allowances: 100% of contractual allowances will be factored in if the employer confirms it is guaranteed and is evident on the most recent Employment Detail Summary and on target income for current tax year
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  • They will consider employees who are promoted within the Civil Service on a one year ‘probationary’ period.
  • New entrants to the Civil/ Public service including Teachers who are subject to any probationary period will be reviewed on a case by case basis. An applicant’s previous employment history is required to establish their experience and suitability for their new position.
  • Only one applicant needs to be a public sector employee to apply for this competitive mortgage proposition.
  • Their rates for Teachers will be the same for Public sector and non-public sector applications

Example of Mortgages For Teachers Ireland:

Helen is a teacher and was appointed before January 2011, she is currently on .9 on the pay scale. Her basic income is €46,278.
Based on this income Helen would qualify for a mortgage of €161,973 with the traditional lenders.
With ICS,
We can now increase Helen’s income by 2 points to €49,629, now Helen would qualify for €173,700
A difference of €11,727.

So, as a Civil/ Public Servant ICS will lend more than any other lender in the market place at this time.

Warning: In the example above we used a simple income multiple of 3.5 times to work out the amount of available lending. A higher lending amount may be available if Helen qualified for an exemption. Other lending terms, conditions and criteria apply.

Conclusion on Mortgages For Teachers

As you can see lending criteria differs between lenders, the amount of lending available can differ greatly between lenders, so, it is important to speak an advisor/broker who knows the market place and who has access to a number of lenders, as well as some that are not on the high street.

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