How To Live Longer – 8 Things Every Irish Person Can Do

How-To-Live-Longer–8-Things-Every-Irish Person-Can-DoAccording to the World Health Organisation, the average Irish person has a life expectancy of 81.4 years. Living a long life is one thing but how to we lead as long, full, fun and health life as possible? In an article written by Irish Life titled ‘How to Live Longer – 8 Things Every Irish Person Can do’ they set out 8 things that every Irish person can do to help them live longer which include.

1. Eat less: Stop eating when you feel about 80% full. Reducing your calorie intake lowers production of the thyroid hormone T3 which slows the aging process.

2. Watch less TV: According to research from the American Heart Association, people who watch more than four hours of TV every single day are almost 50% more likely to die from any cause than people who spend less than two hours in front of the screen.

3. Play games: Testing your memory regularly with trivia type games could also significantly reduce your likelihood of developing dementia.

4. Get A Friend: In otherwise healthy people, loneliness is thought to be just as dangerous as having high cholesterol.

5. Eat Herbs And Spices: Many countries around the world place great emphasis on herbs and spices when it comes to their health, with certain ingredients even having medical benefits to fight off a number of diseases.

6. Find Someone To Love: Being in a loving relationship can extend your life by providing a support network and social interaction that helps you relieve stress.

7. Feel Young: It’s thought that feeling older is linked to increase stress which often changes the physiology of your heart.

8. Don’t Sit Still: Some medical professionals believe that sitting down all day is as detrimental to your health as smoking. So, if you work in a sedentary job, you are advised to get up and stretch your legs for five minutes every hour.

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