Covid-19 Mortgage Repayment Skip

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How to Apply for the Covid 19 Mortgage Repayment Skip

Covid-19-Mortgage-Repayment-SkipIf you need to apply of a mortgage repayment skip due to Covid 19.
This guide is correct as of 01/05/2020.

All lenders have now said they will be offering up to a 6 months (as of 01/05/20202) repayment skip to people where their income has be reduced or have lost their job due to Covid 19.

Please be aware that this is not a blanket skip for everybody and that proof will be required to show your income have been affected. For more on the how the mortgage repayment skip works, click here

We have listed the lenders below and have outlined how each lender wants you to interact with them to apply for the repayment skip.

Some lenders have an online form & some want to call them.

We have also listed some of the Mortgage servicing companies in this how to guide.

Due to the sheer volume of people affected please expect delays in getting through to your lenders and them coming back to you. We all know people are stressed out but please be kind to the people you speak with in the banks, these guys are work flat out and are under big pressure and may be as stressed as you are. 

Haven Mortgages

Haven have now confirmed that mortgage customers who wish to apply for either a 3 month Moratorium or three months Interest Only can do so via our website
For customers who may be concerned that a moratorium or interest only will not be sufficient or already have an arrangement in place they should contact our Arrears Support Unit by calling 1850 654 329 or +353 1 665 8082.
Their website has been updated with this information also.


Want people to fill out an online form
For more info:

Bank Of Ireland:

Want people to fill out an online form:
For more


Want you to contact them on 1850 93 02 35 or email [email protected]

Latest from KBC. Click here

Permanent TSB

Want you to apply on line. Click here
for more: or go in branch to discuss

Finance Ireland

Currently; Want you to to apply on line: Click here
For more:


Want to complete a form and email it to [email protected]. The form can be downloaded from
You can also call them on 1890 543 542


Want you to complete this online form;
You can also call them on 1850 330 044
Latest Statement ;

Ulster Bank

Want you to call them: 1800 435 763 or 01 709 2118 or you can
Request a call back;
Latest Statement:

Mortgage Servicing Company’s

Start Mortgages

Want you to apply on line click here.
They up to date information is available with this link as well.

Pepper Mortgages

Pepper say they want customers to call their customer service team on 1890 551 504 who will then forward your information to their special resolutions team who will call you back. They are taking a case by case bases.

Hopefully this helps, if you have any questions or need help give us a call. Call us today 074 910 3938

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