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12 Money Saving Tips


Expert Financial Advice Letterkenny Co Donegal from Advice First and Pascal Curran Saving MoneySimple tips on saving your hard earned cash!

  1. Make sure you are getting all of your tax relief benefits and (if unemployed, disabled, widowed etc) your social welfare entitlements. The Revenue site, Department of Social and Family Affairs and the Citizens Information Centre are helpful points of contact.

  2. Cancel any unwanted subscription services. For example, did you recently sign up for a trial introductory offer on a TV channel and are now paying for the full service? Or are you paying for a gym membership or magazine subscription that you no longer use?

  3. Make sure you are not duplicating insurance policies . For example, does your employer pay for travel or health insurance as part of your package? Does your health insurance cover some elements of travel insurance?

  4. Check that you are using the cheapest method of payment . Some utility companies will give discounts if you pay by direct debit rather than cash.

  5. Save on your utility and phone bills. The Power of One site has numerous energy saving tips to help you cut costs. And the site has useful tips to help you save on your phone costs.

  6. Don't pay more than you have to on your personal finance products. Let us compare the market for you.

  7. Try buying online . Better deals are usually offered on smaller luxury items (for birthday and Christmas gifts) such as books and CDs. But generally try to limit your non-essential spending. For special occasions, agree to a spending limit and make a list.

  8. Use our spending calculator to work out how much you spend on day-to-day expenses

  9. Cut back on non-essential items if you need to free up some extra cash , but don't stop spending money on luxuries completely. If your budget is too tight, you may not stick to it. We all need little treats now and then!

  10. Consider downsizing . Certain models of cars have cheaper running, tax and insurance costs.

  11. Change your credit card usage . If your credit card balance is so high that you can only pay off the minimum each month, you should switch to a card with a 0% rate on balance transfer. Your monthly repayment will then go towards clearing the outstanding balance, and therefore the debt can be cleared much quicker - once you stop using the card

  12. Shop around for prescription medicines . Prescription prices for consumers, who are not on a medical card or other state scheme, are made up of the cost of the medicine to the pharmacy, the retail mark-up and a dispensing fee, which is a fee charged by the pharmacist for preparing the prescription and for any advice they give.

Check out the price of your prescription medicine from a number of different pharmacies in your area. Ring in advance and ask what your prescription would cost, as this could save you money particularly if you are on long-term medication or are getting a number of prescriptions filled.

Don’t assume any pharmacy is cheaper, either independent or chain, so make sure that you include all pharmacies in your local area when looking for the best price for your prescription medicine. You may have a good relationship with your pharmacist and may not want to go to another pharmacy, even if you cansave money. If this is the case, try negotiating with your pharmacist. Ask if they could apply one dispensing fee on a number of prescribed items or if they could reduce the dispensing fee if you are getting a prescription there regularly.


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